Spirituality isn’t about sitting on a mountaintop chanting.

Spirituality is about being able to live a human existence in the presence of all that you experience and being present, aware, intentional, and in your heart energy. Spirituality means co-creating with the Universe.

Once you embrace the Quintessence lifestyle, it will provide you with an unprecedented amount of time, freedom, and creative capacity—far beyond anything you’ve ever imagined in your personal journey.

It’s a transformation that transcends the boundaries of conventional living, opening up a world of possibilities and fulfilment. 

Quintessence is a 12-month journey with spiritual intuitive mentor, Tracey Mcmahon.

Applications are open now.

Opening your mind and heart to the beauty of each moment to recognise synchronicities, messages and guidance for you, bringing a deeper connection and understanding of as above, as below, as within.

Understanding the mess and perceived mayhem of your life is the experience required for you to learn what you need in order to fulfil your mission.

It’s not what happened TO you it’s what happened FOR you.

Quintessence is a 12 month journey with self, investing in you.

Invest in the extraordinary

Amplify your personal journey

Unlock unparalleled dimensions of time

Live life on your terms like never before


Embrace an empowered existence where you no longer await the next retreat or healing session to forge a deep connection, but seamlessly navigate life in the radiant energy of your heart.

Transcend the endless cycle of self-judgment and doubt, emerging as a beacon of compassion and understanding for your individual journey.

Liberate yourself from the constraints of limiting patterns, confronting triggers with the power to deliberately reshape your responses.

See yourself through the eyes of boundless love, and live in energy that is uniquely and authentically YOU.


This journey will shift your perspective about yourself and your life.

Merging your human and spiritual experience to be living the fullest expression of you every day, intentionally and on purpose.

This will be an intimate small group experience, the richness of the group experience is to have a tribe, learn from and be celebrated, supported and seen. Because of this, spaces are limited.

“I was at the end of my tether, and life was very challenging. I was searching for something or someone who could help me break free from the box I was living in or help me understand what was happening. I was brave enough to contact Tracey McMahon, and she was amazing, kind, supportive, and understanding. This is when I found the Alchemy program and a soulful group that held, supported, and cared for each other when feeling raw and vulnerable. Tracey’s guidance over the 8-week journey was remarkable and on par with what was happening on that day. Tracey held a sacred space, and I was able to be vulnerable, raw, and heard. It was an uneasy, hard experience for me to open up and face my truth. The support from the whole group was amazing. I am so very blessed to have Tracey McMahon part of my life.” – Kerry


I’m honoured and grateful to be the vessel for this work.

Your Guide & Mentor- Tracey McMahon


Tracey McMahon is a wise teacher, mentor and healer helping people move toward the vision they have for themselves and their highest experience of life.

Reminding people of who they are and guiding them to see their pure potential, Tracey is highly creative through emotional energy, working with her gift of intuition along with Reiki, Essential Oils & her deep connection with Spirit, Source & Self.

Highly empathic to emotions, she receives the feelings of others and mirrors them back to them as beauty.

Tracey’s methods are authentic and raw, she embodies her truth and her grounded presence creates a safe space for others to feel seen, heard and healed.


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